MISC Traditional Art

What it says on the tin! Art I've made that doesn't fit into the other categories I've made.

Expressions, ft. Alyx Casey (OC)
What if I Had A Fursona ft. My Friends Fursona (right)
Currently Unused Concept
Me, ~2021
Object Head Concepts
Currently Unnamed Character Concept
Phoebe, 'Retired' Character
'Trans Creation'
Expressions, ft. Archie (Retired)
That One Time a Stranger Walked Up and Asked Me if They Had My Email Address Right But I'm Pretty Sure They Didn't Realize That it Was My Email
Alyx Casey, Concept
Kathy Izak, Notes
Charlie, Cyberpunk Character
Charlie, Cyberpunk Character
Dog Boy
How I View My Dog (Coraline)
Unnamed and Unused Character Concept