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Digital Art

These works are mostly done traditionally and with Autodesk Sketchbook on my smart phone. The original skethces are done with pencil and paper, then scanned with my phone to be lined and colored. Not the most professional set up, or easy, but it worked really well! I've started borrowing an iPad to do some completely digital drawings, but none of those are up yet.

Pixel Art

A majority of my pixel art is done on MS paint using the track pad on my laptop! I recently started exerimenting with animating pixel art, and I did that one the Pixilart website

Traditional Art

These works are just pencil and paper! This catagory might include some pieces that have been colored, but I have very few if any pieces like that. Unfortunately, I have misplaced a lot of these drawings, and these are the only pictures I have. I will look into editing the images to be more clear, but for now this is what I've got!

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