Haley [Tech Head]

Character: Haley

Original Character Concept made on Ocotber 8th, 2018

Haley is one of my first object head characters! She was originally created as a sona for myself, and while I do sometimes use her for that, I'm also working on developing a whole world and story for her and her friends. I'm not sure where it'll take me yet, but I'm excited to find out!

Haley lives in a world where everyone has some kind of object for a head. She is what's known as a Tech head, though, and they are viewed very differently from other types of object heads.

While she can speak like any normal human, she also uses her TV screen to communicate! She is able to display words, letters, and simple symbols on her screen. Sometimes she also displays the generic "No Signal" or colorbars you might see on a TV as well, but not often.

Below are some more art of Haley! You can click on some of the larger pieces to get a better view :)

Part of a larger piece
Haley Icon
Unfinished; tradtional sketch to pixel art
Unused Concept
The Gang

Non-Pixel Art of Haley

Haley Meets Abl.3