Benjamin[Tech Head]

Character: Benjamin

Original Character Concept made on Ocotber 8th, 2018

Benjamin is one of my first object head characters! He was originally designed and inspired by an old friend of mine, but he is his own character, just like Haley and Abl.3

Benjamin lives in a world where everyone has some kind of object for a head. He is what's known as a Tech head, though, and they are viewed very differently from other types of object heads. Benjamin is like Haley's adopted big brother, and he's the more practical and reserved of the two. He just wants to keep the people he cares about safe, and he's not too keen on Abl.3 when they first meet.

Unlike Haley and Abl.3, Ben can't display images on his screen, just sound waves corresponding to his voice. He also has a slight radio crackle, since he is an old radio.

Below is some more art of Benjamin! You can click on some of the larger pieces to get a better view :)

Part of a larger piece
The Gang