Abl.3 [Tech Head]

Character: Abl.3

Original Character Concept made on Ocotber 8th, 2018

Abl.3 (pronounced like 'Able') is the second object head character I made. His design was inspired by a friend of mine, but Abl.3 is his own charcater. He is friends with Haley, after she found him abandoned and with a broken screen. He has no memory of what happened to him before his screen broke.

Abl.3 lives in a world where everyone has some kind of object for a head. He is what's known as a Tech head, though, and they are viewed very differently from other types of object heads.

Unlike Haley, Abl.3 is unable properly communicate verbally. While most other people would hear what sounds like static or 90's computer noises, Tech heads tend to be able to understand him almost perfectly. He is also able to display a few symbols on his computer screen, typically only a few characters at a time and only things you could easily type with a standard keyboard.

Below are some more art of ABl.3!

Part of a larger piece
Abl.3 Icon
The Gang

Non-Pixel Art of Abl.3

Haley Meets Abl.3
Original Concept Art using Flower Collage
Abl.3 Before the Break (w/ Binary)
Abl.3 Before the Break (w/o Binary)