MISC DnD Character Concepts

To me DnD is just an easier way for me to write stories because I can make other people do half the work! I've been building my own DnD setting since 2018, including several continents, new gods, plane systems, and of course... many many OCs.

Dalton, Unused NPC
Ava, NPC Warlock
Unamed, 'Bat the Rogue' NPC
Unamed, False Priest NPC
Sift LaDune, Unused Bard PC
Sift LaDune, Unused Bard NPC
Vera, Civilian NPC
Elisia Shadedottir, Fighter PC
Unamed, Unused Fae Concept
Yewlyx, Unused Enemy/Monster Concept
Yewlyx, Unused Enemy/Monster Concept
Persilla, Cleric NPC
Rigan, God of Sun and Truth
Unamed, Merchant NPC
Kyra Tear, Sorcer NPC
Unamed, False Priest