Maxwell Vox

Subject: Maxwell Vox

DnD Character, created Fall 2018

Maxwell was my first ever DnD character, though this isn't his original design. He was always intended to be a tiefling, but I didn't know what a tiefling looked like, so his original design was a little too human. Here he is as a proper sort-of demon!

His story has changed quite a few times, as I never got to finish his original campaign, and he has yet to be used in another. Typically, I envision him as a thief who lives on an island with his father. His father is a blacksmith, and wishes his son would follow in his footsteps... but Maxwell has bigger plans. He wants to see the world and prove himself. He does love his home, though, and visits as often as he can; he especially likes to visit his father (and his father's new apprentice).

This piece is probably my favorite depiction of Maxwell. I really got to dedicate a lot of time to texturing and shading this piece! Even though my skills have grown, this is still definitely one of my favorites of all time. This piece is also special because it uses my original/traditional sketch for the lines! I did not digitally reline this piece.

More pictures of Max below!

Max's Original Design
Shading Experiment
Full body ref