Kathy Izak

Subject: Kathy

MISC Character, created ~2018

Kathy, originally spelled with a "C", is a character I made for a cyberpunk story that has yet to actually be created. I've also used her as inspiration for a DnD setting, but that hasn't been put to use yet either.

Kathy is the daughter of a single father who is a prominent and wealthy inventor. Her father divorced her mother a long time ago because he did not approve of the way she was treating Kathy. Her father encourages and supports her to follow all her interests, which includes hover bike racing.

Kathy is almost always seen wearing her goggles, because she has a very severe light sensitivity.

More pictures of Kathy below!

The oldest ref of Kathy that I actually like
Kathy, as a DnD character
Kathy, and her friend Kane