Subject: Gili

DnD Character, created spring 2019

Gili is a half elf bard I made for a DnD campaign that never came to be. Since he never got to be used, I've just been polishing him up for years now- hopefully soon he'll get to have a real adventure!

Gili has a twin brother named Ezra, who is also a bard. The stories I've made tend to have them be separated, for one reason or another, but the scythe pictured here is a concept for when they're together! I like to imagine they have twin swords, Castor and Pollux, that can be fused into this scythe. Technically Ezra is the one who weilds the scythe, but Gili just looks so cute with it...It's my favorite drawing of him!

This piece is only partially shaded because I had some tech issues, and lost the file with all of my layers- in fact, this might even just be a screenshot I happened to take before it vanished.

More pictures of Gili below!

Gili Ref Sheet
Gili w/ optional horns
Gili w/ stage mask
Gili and Ezra
Card Scythe