Hi again, it's me, Rihs!

Join me while I try to think of things that go on an about page!

I should probably start with things I create, since this is Rihs Creates, so...

What I Create
  • Digital art!

  • I primarily focus on character designs! I do pixel art as well sometimes, and I'm slowly learning how to animate too! A lot of my digital art starts out as pencil and paper drawings, and then I scan, line, and color them on my phone.

  • Paintings

  • I also paint!! I mostly work with acrylics. Since it's just a hobby I don't care too much to get into the fancy stuff (yet). I've started to do a lot of mixed media paintings as well! I like to take fake flowers, doll parts, necklace chains, and all kinds of neat stuff to make my paintings really pop!

  • Writing

  • I love to write! I actually have a piece published in a semi-academic book, but I hate it! So we don't talk about that. I do lots of creative writing, both fictional and non-fictional. I kind of want to have some of my writing published some day, so I won't be posting any of it here for now. I'm also slowly building my own Dungeons and Dragons world/universe, and it's really fun! Some day soon I hope to start putting some of my thoughts on the World of Quell on my neocities.

  • Sewing

  • Sewing is one of my smaller hobbies, I don't do it as often anymore, but I have a few projects I pick up on every now and then. I have a jean jacket I've been putting patches on for 4 years now, as well as a quilt I started in 2020 but... probably haven't touched it since 2022 ^^'

Ok so... now how about my other hobbies?

My Hobbies
  • Video Games

  • Ever since I was very very small I've been watching people play video games. And then when I was slightly less small I started playing them myself! I've had a GameCube, a DS Lite, a 3DS a PS2, a PS3, an Xbox, an Xbox 360, an Xbox One, a WiiU, and a Switch! I've played on a Wii, but I've never actually owned one myself. My roommate has one though! I also play a lot of games on Steam, but I only have a laptop, so nothing too intense. Some of my all time favorite games are the Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time is my #1!!), Halo, Borderlands(I actually own every Borderlands game twice, except for BL3) and Hollow Knight!

  • My Dog

  • I have a dog named Coraline!! She's 2 years old and a handful. She's a mutt, and she's my angel! I'll put pictures of her on here later. I try really hard to do lots of training with her, and it's really fun! My mental health gets in the way sometimes, but she's my ESA and we're working together :)

  • Road Trips

  • There's so many places I want to go to, and so many people I want to bring with me!! I love driving and finding places to explore. I love going to new cities and going to museums, zoos, and aquariums. I also love looking for hiking spots, and I hope I can bring my dog with me someday. Some of my favorite places I've visited are Death Valley National Park, the Atlanta Aquarium, and Broadway in New York City. I learned a lot about geology in Death Valley (and got to go to Bad Water Basin!!!), I love going to see the Whale Sharks in Atlanta, and I got to see Hades Town performed in NYC!! I even had a seat in some of the front 5 rows (I can't remember exactly, it's been like, 2 years)

Okay... now... what else... I've seen some people put their favorite characters and other stuff like that on about pages, so maybe I'll do that too some time.