Welcome to my Twisted Minecraft

Hi!!! My name is Rihs and I like to draw sometimes :)

My neocities is just a place for me to put all my art, because I'm really bad at organizing !! I also have always really wanted to have a little website that's customized to my interests, so here we are! This is my sandbox now.

On this page is just a bunch of silly things people have made that I thought was cool!! Please check them out Especially worm race, join me on TEAM MICROPLASTICS!!!!!!!

I plan to put a whole bunch of my own silly stuff on here, wish me luck! Below here is my update log, because it's nice to look back and see how far I've come!

May 21, 2024

I've been editing little bits and pieces here and there, mostly just tidying up! I've added some more little things to my shrines, and I put up a new piece of art! I'm going to keep slowly working on the Ghost shrine, but in the mean time look into some other fun stuff to add to my pages. Maybe a chat, or something like that? We'll see! Until then, I'm going to keep decorating and chipping away at my to do list!

- / - / - / -

May 15, 2024

Yay!! I have the bare bones structure of my ghost shrine ready! I still need to make some more pages for iframe (I learned how to use an iframe!!!!) and a lot of decorating to do, but I'm really happy with what I've got so far! I really hope the squammer page works on different screen sizes, but at least I got the snap working for. We'll see!! Also, since I learned about iframes, I did some more work on my waterparks shrine. I've got info on the albums now! Yay!

- / - / - / -

May 13, 2024

A lot has happened! The school year is over, I turned 24, and I added some more art pages! There's now a whole section dedicated to traditional art pieces (i.e. pen(cil) and paper), and I finished the pixel art sections! ...Mostly. the Fanart page is still a WIP. I think next I'd like to work some more on shrines before adding any more art pages. I think I'll try and work on one for Ghost, since their movie is comming out soon!! Wish me luck, and also you should totally click on the letter above this text box. Just sayin'.

- / - / - / -

April 29th, 2024

So I officiated a wedding the other day, and I'm a lil tired, but I wanted to clean some stuff up. I've updated the home page some more, and I made an FAQ (Future Asked Questions) page but like. there's nothing on it yet. because I deserve to be lazy I had to drive for like 12 hours ok

- / - / - / -

April 26th, 2024.

I can not pull myself away from this. oop. Anyways, The art directory nav link is working! Shrines coming next, as well as a traditional art gallery!!

- / - / - / -

I feel like I should actually date these? SO- April 25th, 2024.

I've redecorated my home page, and I've really fleshed out my art pages! I even made a shrine, and learned something new! Unfortuantely I wanted to change up how the navigation of my site overall, so the nav bar links aren't ready yet. Hopefully soon! I might put an ugly place holder in for now. who knows! Until then...

Digital Art! Pixel Art! Annnnnd Waterparks (band) Shrine!
- / - / - / -

More new Pages!! I've added a gallery for my pixel art, and I'm reworking how I've organized my digital art section. yippe!!

- / - / - / -

I have added new pages! I now have a stamp collection, and the beginings of a directory for my digital art gallery!

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