Double Dare

  1. Hawaii (Stay Awake)
  2. Stupid for You
  3. Take Her to the Moon
  4. Dizzy
  5. Little Violence
  6. It Follows
  7. I'll Always be Around
  8. Gloom Boys
  9. Royal
  10. Made in America
  11. Powerless
  12. 21 Questions
  13. Plum Island

Released: 2016

OK OK OK- so, before Fandom came out, Double Dare had some songs to help keep me sane. There's some real bangers in here!!

I was a really angry and sad person when I found these songs, so of course Little Violence and Stupid for You got me bad (Yes I was having romance problems but no I'm not exgerating when I'm saying it was one of the top 5 worst experiences of my life). I've started listening to 21 Questions lately and I can't really tell if it's catharsis or re-opening a wound, but oh well.