Coraline is my dog!! Her favorite hobbies include crying, pooping, and learning new tricks. She's supposed to be my esa but we're both really bad at our jobs. She is so so smart and I love her. She's trying so hard to be friends with Mulch


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Bug is one of my roommates and e is very very cool :] They write really good poetry and are generally just a very nice person to be around!! Bug also has a cat named Mulch!!


This is Mulch he's stinky but that's ok. He is not trying as hard as Coraline is to be friends and that's ok too because he's just chillin'


Minta is another one of my very cool roommates!! He makes awesome art and is the #1 improv master and silly man.
Look at his art or else (gun emoji)


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Ebus is my long time friend and partner :) They have a lot of cool talents including some awesome photography with old cameras!! I luv them and also yes they are long horse to me