Yogscast (and Et Cetera)

Subject: Minecraft Youtube Personas

Cringe Culture, Permanently Dead

I can explain.

Do you know what it looks like when a guy struggles with depression for the first time ever during a messy divorce? Because for me it looks like drawing the same handful of Minecraft youtuber personas from middle school till the day I die.

Basically, when I was in middle school I spent a lot of time watching Minecraft let's plays, and sometimes they had stories and characters, and my poor struggling brain decided to imprint on them like a newborn duck. Specifically, I latched onto the Yogscast, and while I don't watch any of their videos anymore (except for the occassional rewatching of 10 year old videos, and of course, the Jingle Jam Charity Streams) these characters that these people vaguely created built a horrible little pigeon nest inside my brain, and basically they're my OCs now. I'm joking, but with how much fanon I've developed I might as well be serious. In my heart they're all gay and I don't take ANY construcitve criticism that isn't "make them more gay". I have miles upon miles of lore that I made up for them and I'm soooo valid. Death of the author is real because these are my Barbie Dolls now.

Anyways, they're some of my best art pieces, because these characters are what I've been practicing since I was like, 13! And I do still love them, in my own way.

Digital Fanart

Lalna and Will Strife
Ridgedog and his gender bend, Valleycat
Ridgedog, Doodle
Ridgedog, Glicth Gif (click to open, flash warning)
Will Strife
Xephos and Honeydew, Coloring Page
Xephos and Honeydew
Lalnable and Five, Coloring Page
Parvis, Coloring Page
Rythian, Coloring Page
Ridge x Lalna, Because I Said So
Ridge and Xephos

Pixel Fanart

Ridge Floats
Ridge Laughs
Ridge Floats (Lazy)

Traditional Fanart

Ridge, Profile
Ridge, Simple Style
Ridge, Coy
Ridge and Xephos
Beephos, Xephos
Xephos and Lalnable; Drown me like a Kangaroo
Rythian, Lalna, Xephos, and [redcated]; Gay Icon Pearl
Ridge and Lalna, Fuck Me (Click to open, sexual themes/humor warning)
Ridge and Rythian, Stay Mad
Ridge x Lalna, They Are my Scrunglees